TBM launches the video channel, social channel and content optimization tools. In 2017 it will get even more interesting... 

MemeMachines new algorithmic mobile platform

Our machine learning technology helps advertisers be 22% more efficient and uses key data points to predict ROI users.

This platform will revolutionize mobile prediction and optimization as you know them and will make a huge difference in how you perceive a valuable user.

But don’t take our word for it! just ask our satisfied clients, like PHD, TBWA, M&CSAATCHI, APP’s and more…

We are a tech-driven company, we love to innovate and be on the forefront of technology . This mobile platform was designed and developed in house as a part of our IP, taking into account all the requirements that are of value to the mobile industry.


Fraud Prevention

Our own-development safety products and 3rd party platform integrations allows us to clean the fraudulent traffic and keep your brand safe in real, all the time.

We can use IP or user's filters, prevent simultaneous conversions, exclude VPN networks, TOR nodes and much more.

User Acquisition & Retention

Finding the right user for your App.

Using our optimization engine and BI we collect all the data, analyze and calculate users value and segmentation,

track their events and activity, and find those highly active users that will keep using your app for a longer period of time.


Smart tag

All you need to do is simply implement our TAG and we will take care of everything on our side, optimization, post backs, any kind of targeting needed.

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